Address: Sovetskaya street , 5 353679 Sadovy village, Eysky region, Krasnodar territory Company»Plodovoe»

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Production department: +7(86132) 65-0-50

Фрукты Кубани для Мани и Вани

About us

"Plodoye" is engaged in growing and selling of cherries,alycha, plums, apples and apricots. We guarantee the best quality of production. During its existence "Plodovoye" has turned into a large enterprise specialized in fruit producing. Lt is among the leading horticultural enterprises of Krasnodar territory and among the top 10 agricultural enterprises in Russia. Currently, the total area of "Plodovoye" LLC is 1835 ha, including 951 ha of farmland. Among them 849 ha of bear fruit, including 733 ha of pomaceos fnd 218 ha of stone fruit far farmland.

                                         The company grows:

Apple varieties: Idared, Renet Simirenko, Florina, Korey, Prikubanskoye, Renet Voronezhsky, Prima, Red Gala, Liberty, Lobo, Pamyat'  Esaulu, Jonagold, Stark, Grim Golden, Rossa, Rossoshanskoye zimnee, Mutzu, Heracl, Red Free, Mac Free, Johno Free, Golden Resistant, Delicious, Gloster, Melba, Mantet, Quinty, Royal Gala, Slava Pobeditelyam, Lord Lamburne, Gold G, Vadimovka, Alenushkino, Red Chief, Enterprise, Gpld Rush, Champion.

Pear  varieties:  Modovskaya rannyaya, Mramornaya, Tolgarskaya krasavitca, Sokrovishe, Rossashanskaya, Nard, Levin, Seyanets Kiffera.

Plum varieties: Kubanskaya rannyay, Kabardinskaya rannyaya, Stenley, Anna Spet, Legenda.

Cherry varieties: Melitopolskaya chernaya, Kavkazskaya, Daybera chernaya, Valery Chkalov, Ispolinskaya, Krupnoplodnaya, Kavkazskaya rannyaya, Dagestanskaya rannyaya, Melitopolskaya rannyaya, Lyunskaya, Iskra, Aelita, Vasilisa, Skazka, Sputnik, Frantcuzskaya Chernaya, Dneprovskaya rannaya, Franc Iosif.

Sour Cherry varieties: Turgenevskaya, Lyubskaya, Nord-Star, Molodezhnaya, malyshka, Chudo-vishnya.

Apricot varieties: Late Melitopolsky, Melitopolsky Early, Bratsky.

Cherry Plum varieties: Globus, Colonovidnaya, Black  Star, Angelina.


Fruit production tehnologies cause unsteady flow of products to the fruit storage during the year. For quality saving Summer and autumn products are placed into refrigerators from July to August, Winter apples-starting from September. Accomplishment of winter apples lasts til March.

We strive to reach the best results in everything we do. the reputation of the company, professional and skilled workers as well as the innovative way of leading business is what helps us to gain leadership on the market. We are open to new ideas in cooperation and keeping promises is of high importance for us. Cooperation with us is the right choice!

                                                        Brief Hitstory of LLC"Plodovoye"

The agricultural enterprise Eysky Stateforestnursery was founded near the village Alexandrovka on the territory of 158 ha in July 1931. In 1976 the land area of 510 ha was added to the farm territory by means of the Eysk poultry farm territory. 1013 hectares included 333 ha of gardens, 43 ha of seed gardens, 47 ha of roads, 38 ha of other land. Since this period "Plodovoye" and the nearby territories on the whole became twice more profitable.

New gardens were opened, central repair unit and a hostel for workers were built. 28 households, double-deck hostel prr 92 places, baths, fuel and stock warehouses, word shop, weightbrige and power station were built by the farm in 1959- 1966. In 1965 electricite was conducted. Since 1966 total reorganisation of warehouses and production space started.

In 1993 due to restructing of Rossian economy "Plodovoye" became a commercial structture and changed it's managerial economics. Production, processing and product realization remained the main guidelines of "Plodovoye".

In 2014 "Plodovoye" farm was restructured to "Plodovoye" LLC.


Address: Sovetskaya street , 5 353679 Sadovy village, Eysky region, Krasnodar territory Company»Plodovoe»

Sales department: +7(831) 279-42-91, 8(86132) 65-0-50
 +7(953) 415-22-66
Production department:+7(86132) 65-0-51

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